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"Fear No Weevil" show at the Mann Library Gallery - Frances Bea
"Fear No Weevil" show at the Mann Library Gallery

These amazing photographs make the miniscule large enough to appreciate. They're part of a project to produce a new guide book to weevils not native to the Western Hemisphere. The show currently on display in the Mann Library Gallery includes representations and descriptions of 27 different weevils - a lot more will eventually be included in the new book, but not at this huge size. They are worth a visit if you live in the Ithaca area and have a chance during the month of September. In the photo of the Cotton Boll Weevil there is a small circle in the lower left. Inside the circle are represented the actual size of the weevil in question.

photo of photo of Cotton Boll Weevil

photo of description of Cotton Boll Weevil

several different weevils with very different appearances
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