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Volunteer "Work" - Frances Bea
Volunteer "Work"
Some things are a lot of work, and strolling through forest and field isn't really one of them. But that's the volunteer position that I've signed up for at the local SPCA. Dog walking has been a great experience as I get exercise, fresh air, experience with dogs, and the feeling that I'm doing something useful. It really is important for dogs in the shelter to get out and get exercise, so it is a good and important task even if it doesn't feel like "work".

Meet Tink. Tink is a boy, despite what we in the shelter all agree is a girly name.

Tink doesn't like living in the shelter, but is very happy when he has the chance to explore in the woods. Check out this video I took of him one day when he realized that there was a chipmunk running around inside a particular hollow stump.

(In the future I'll stick to making horizontal video, since the vertical shot doesn't translate well online.)

Tink is my current favorite at the shelter, and I'll miss him when he finds his forever family, but I'll be happy for him. This is the time of year that we start getting in lots of puppies and kittens, and it's a great time to visit your local shelter - wherever you are.

If you're interested in volunteer work that's more fun than work, our shelter (and I think this is common) also has a volunteer position that involves coming in to play with the cats. You can also take positions working with the dogs without having to take them anywhere if all that walking doesn't seem like fun to you. Animal shelters can always use the help, and if you like animals there's probably something you can do for your local shelter that's truly useful and not at all like work.

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