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What language should you learn? - Frances Bea
What language should you learn?
I took an on-line quiz titled "What language should you learn?", and I rigged the result significantly. I took a semester and a half of Chinese in school, and have decided to take another stab at it. It is a very difficult language, so we'll see how well it works out. The written and spoken languages are so separate, that I may be able to save time by going just for spoken illiteracy if studying characters proves to take more time than I am able or willing to devote. We'll see.

My efforts so far:

  • A set of Mandarin audio cassettes for the car (I don't have a CD player in my car). This is an eight-hour program, and I'll consider a more in-depth one if this goes well: Pimsleur Chinese (Mandarin) (Instant Conversation)

  • An instructional book for learning to write chinese characters. I was convinced by the blurb that a thorough approach to learning about character construction would lead to better understanding and faster acquisition of characters later, so I'm going to try starting here rather than immediately beginning to memorize characters like I did in school: Learn to Write Chinese Characters (Yale Language Series)

  • A dictionary. There are any number of dictionaries available, and I decided to try this one, because it allows Chinese words to be looked up in more ways than most dictionaries - including phonetically. It received a couple of extremely rave reviews on the Amazon site, but I'm not advanced enough to even need a dictionary, so I'll have to judge for myself in a while: Chinese Characters: A Genealogy and Dictionary

I also found this neat site listing a Daily Character with a lot of information including entomology, construction, a suggested mnemonic and audio for three different dialects.

My quiz "results":

You should learn Mandarin

QuizGalaxy Language Quiz!

You should learn Mandarin. You are very practical, and enjoy setting goals for yourself. You feel very rewarded when you accomplish something big.

Take this quiz at QuizGalaxy.com


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