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Computer Error - Frances Bea
Computer Error
So, my computer doesn't work. I spent a bunch of time Friday night working on it. It's acting really strangely.

When a PC boots up it goes through a "POST" process before loading Windows (or other operating system). A bunch of of diagnostic information displays quickly on the screen. On my computer this diagnostic information displays fine, but the characters are all scrambled. It's hard to tell whether the computer realizes that anything is wrong. It could be detecting the problem and trying to report it, but how can I tell?

Anyway it does eventually try to load Windows:
But it doesn't get any further than this and starts the boot process over again (see first photo).

I took the problem to the helpful forum at HardwareGeeks.com, (What is my suspect part?,) and they seem to agree that replacing the video card is a good first line of attack.

BFG technical support is really helpful. When my video card blew out a couple months ago they didn't quiz me about where and when I had bought it, and didn't waste too much time convincing themselves that it was really broken. I started by saying that my picture had suddenly gone out and the card itself now smelled like burnt rubber. Now this does seem like a persuasive set of facts, but a lot of companies in my experience still would have still spent time asking me to make sure that my monitor was plugged it to power, hooked up to the computer, and trying to confirm that the monitor itself was not the problem. They replaced the card without argument and I've been running happily until now. This time around I'm not at all certain that there is anything wrong with the video card, but it seems like a plausible explanation and majority rules (at least when I don't have a better idea). I wasn't sure what to expect from BFG because the cause didn't seem clear-cut, but the guy I spoke to seemed to agree that my video card was the likely culprit and agreed not only to replace the thing on a hunch, but to pay the shipping both ways because I have had this replacement card for such a short time. They e-mailed me a pre-paid UPS label, and I plan to get it sent out tomorrow so I can get my replacement card sooner.

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