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The last (I hope) word about my computer problems. - Frances Bea
The last (I hope) word about my computer problems.
When I got my replacement graphics card from BFG and it didn't work I decided that most likely the replacement was bad, or something with the motherboard was out of whack. The guys at BFG were very confident that the graphics card was okay. BFG remains willing to replace graphics card (again) or motherboard. I am very resistant to the idea of pulling out my motherboard unless it is absolutely unavoidable, and would rather have some evidence that the replacement card was bad before shipping it back to them again. Out of desperation I bought two new graphics cards: the cheapest PCI card on TigerDirect.com ($25) if I get my rebate, and the cheapest PCI Express x16 card at the same store ($35) if I get my rebate.

The PCI card arrived first and worked on my computer, though this doesn't prove that my BFG card is bad because the two cards attach to the motherboard differently. There are a number of motherboard problems that could cause a problem for one and not the other. This card got my computer barely functional again, which allowed me to make sure my drivers were okay and try the BFG card again. No improvement.

The PCI Express x16 arrived next. It plugs into the same port on the motherboard as the BFG card, so if it works and the BFG card fails then the BFG card is most likely the problem. Because the technology changes so quickly, what was middle-of-the-line a year ago isn't much better than bottom-of-the-line now. So, my new cheap card isn't far behind the card that is making all the trouble (GeForce 6500 vs. GeForce 6600). The point is, if the new card works, it virtually proves that the BFG card is broken. The new card works.

So, my computer works almost as well as it ever did using the $35 graphics card which is almost as powerful as the almost-certainly broken one sitting on my desk. I'm dragging my feet about calling up BFG, but I know I really should pursue getting a good replacement card. Anyway, with all these cards I shouldn't be stranded without a computer the next time I have trouble with a graphics card!


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