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High School Reunion - Frances Bea
High School Reunion
My ten year high school reunion was this weekend. I won't post any pictures, because I would rather not post photos of anyone without permission. It was a good time. Most of the people there were not those I had kept up with after school - only a couple of my really good friends made it. My outstanding impression was surprise that all of these people had mysteriously turned into grown-ups since I saw them last. It's easy to freeze the past in my mind as though nothing more happens or changes once I've left. My classmates were always good people, but by remembering them as high school students I think I have been remembering them at their worst. (Who isn't at their worst in high school?) It is good for my faith in humanity to be reminded that time has continued for everyone in my absence. They all seemed to be more confident, more happy, more wise, more kind, more beautiful people. I will remember the experience for some time as a reminder that the awkwardness and troubles of youth do pass away.

My favorite new meal from this week was another soup from "This Can't be Tofu!". This one was a clear broth soup with chunks of sweet potato, tofu and mustard greens. The broth looked like it should be uninteresting, but the dull looking broth was flavored with ginger, garlic, jalapeño pepper, Asian sesame oil, and other spices. It was really delicious, and this was the first time this spring I've managed to incorporate anything from the garden other than spices into a meal (the mustard greens). Our growing season gets to a slow start in New York State.

I strongly recommend Asian sesame oil to anyone who hasn't tried it. Unlike the more common cold-pressed sesame oil, the Asian oils are made from sesame seeds which are roasted before pressing. The result is an oil with a strong, distinctive flavor and scent. Any time I'm in the kitchen and I've so much as opened a bottle of it I am guaranteed compliments about the smells of my cooking.

In the literature department, this week I read Swordspoint by Ellen Kushner. It was a very good story which revolved primarily around social and political intrigue. I am usually discouraged by stories steeped in court intrigue because the plots and counter-plots are not made clear enough, though this is probably partly my own failing. This story was clever, complex, romantic and written so that I could understand (by the end) who was counter-plotting against whom. Pretty cool. And I only read one novel this week, so I guess it was a good week.
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