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Some things I've been Cooking - Frances Bea
Some things I've been Cooking
This is a Quinoa Grape Salad out of the cookbook Raw Food, Real World. The base is quinoa that has been sprouted for a couple of days. The sprouting softens the grain enough that it doesn't need to be cooked. The raw foods recipes are a really good way to take advantage of the brief growing system in this part of the country and bring our fresh food to the table with all of their freshness in evidence. This particular dish is really good but not great. My favorite dish from the book is still the raw lasagna. I've got a lot left to try.

This is a soup of my own invention that I made on Saturday. We decided to have "meat night" every Thursday, but life gets in the way and we are just not in the meat habit so our first instance got delayed a few days. Anyway, this was a durn good soup and I'm very proud of myself. We had a bunch of chopped red peppers that got accidentally mixed up - the spicy ones and the sweet ones looked exactly the same. I sauteed a bunch of onions first, then added the mixed red peppers, short garlic turkey sausage segments, curry powder, caraway seeds and a pinch of crushed red pepper flakes. These let off a lot of liquid so I let them simmer and mix flavors quite a bit before adding water, chunks of a curly green cabbage and Yukon gold potatoes. Yukon golds are probably my favorite potato ever. I simmered it until the cabbage was "al dente" (can I use that term for cabbage?), and declared the result to be officially "soup".

I don't know what I'll come up with (if anything) for next Thursday's meat night, but it may not be an issue. In addition to what I've mentioned I've also got a pot of twelve bean soup, a pot of New Mexican Pinto Bean Soup (from Great Vegetarian Cooking Under Pressure - this one has a tomato base and chunks of avocados, yum!) and frankly a bunch of other stuff to get through before I do too much more cooking. Hmm... we may need company for dinner if we don't want spoilage in the fridge.


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