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First Post - Frances Bea
First Post
(edit: I originally set this blog up on blogger.com, and moved it to LiveJournal.com within a couple of weeks. I felt that my comment about blogger.com in this post required explanation.)

I feel that the very first post should to be more important or thoughtful than what will follow. Like the first episode of a television show it needs to establish enough about the characters' personality and past, enough of the show's "premise" to give a clear impression of what is to come. My advantage over producers of television show is that I'm really not that concerned with hooking an audience or a network. According the license agreement, blogger.com has the right to cancel my blog for any reason - including the judgement that I am just too uninteresting to have a blog, but I think this is unlikely. I am vain enough to hope that no one stumbling across it comes to the conclusion that I'm an uninteresting person, but I wouldn't be offended if readers would rather go read something else.

The title of my blog, "The Adventures of Frances" is used somewhat ironically. I think I live an interesting life, but I don't "get out" nearly enough. So here's a same of what I've been up to for the last few days to give you an idea.

I love Thai food, and I made a Thai-style soup that turned out wonderfully. It had cocunut milk, Thai red curry, butter nut squash and tofu. I added more of the red curry paste than the recipe called for so it had a wonderful back-of-the-throat spicyness. The cookbook is called "This Can't be Tofu!". I'm a bit of a cookbook junkie, and I like this one despite its title. It seems to be implying that tofu needs to be disguised or hidden, which I don't believe.

I tend to read fiction heavily for periods, then I might not read a novel for weeks. Lately I've been reading heavily. "Drawing Blood" by Poppy Brite was good. I wouldn't recommend it without a warning that it is sexually explicit in parts, but the author writes very well and I'll be reading more from her. It was supposed to be horror, but I can't imagine anyone losing sleep over it. There was a haunted house involved. "A Brother's Price" by Wen Spencer turned out to be almost straight romance. The gender-role reversal of the story world was mildly thought-provoking, but this was not my usual thing. The story began with falling in love and ended, predictably, with a wedding. "Midshipman's Hope" by David Feintuch was a good example of military space opera. The hero is a young man embroiled in unexpected troubles who works against his own insecurities and border-line death-wish to save the day - more because he perceives it to be his duty than because he really cares.

This isn't all that I've done for the last few days. But, aside from my job (as a computer programmer), this probably gives a fairly accurate first impression. If you find yourself interested then stop by for future posts. I want to post some pictures, including one of my current embroidery which is nearing complete.
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