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Mandatory Almond Pasteurization is WRONG!!! - Frances Bea
Mandatory Almond Pasteurization is WRONG!!!
An new law has been passed that all Almonds grown in the United States will be pasteurized before sale. Set to take effect this fall, the law would have all almonds pasteurized with high heat or with toxic chemicals. These pasteurized almonds will still be sold as raw, though they wont actually fit any of the definitions of the word "raw" as it is understood in the English language. The stated purpose of the law is to abate risk of salmonella poisoning, though all fresh produce comes with some risk of salmonella when it's grown or dealt with with unsanitary methods and the risk from almonds is negligibly slight anyway.

I signed this online petition on the subject:
When signing the petition, you are invited to make any additional statement you would like (up to 500 characters). My comment was:
The risk of salmonella poisoning from almonds is extremely low, especially when methods of growing, harvesting and distribution are reasonably sanitary.

Almonds, like most produce, provide a great deal more aid to the battered public health while raw than even minimally cooked. Reduced availability of raw foods will damage the everyone's health. Misleading labeling will reduce Americans' ability to make wise health choices, and give foreign countries another reason to reject US food exports.

This article from the Organic Consumers Association gives more detail about the effects of the law: Almond ''Pasteurization'' May be Worse Than Previously Thought

This page tells how to sprout raw almonds. It takes about a day (with very little effort). The almonds don't actually start growing that fast, but they do wake up and start to think about it. Nearly everyone I've given sprouted almonds to has been impressed and agreed that they taste much better than regular grumpy old almonds. Of course, if the law takes effect and your raw almonds aren't really raw any more then these directions will not work. Dead things don't even think about starting to grow!


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Not bad at all!
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